Omnidex SQL Function: $DATA_LENGTH


The $DATA_LENGTH function returns the number of characters in a column, plus a terminating null for STRING datatypes. The $DATA_LENGTH function does not trim trailing spaces, unlike the CHAR_LENGTH function.

$DATA_LENGTH should not be confused with CHARACTER_LENGTH and $COLUMN_LENGTH. CHARACTER_LENGTH returns the number of characters in a string, trimmed of trailing spaces. $COLUMN_LENGTH returns the length of the column as declared in the table.

This function returns an INTEGER datatype.


$DATA_LENGTH ( column )


Required. The name of a column, qualified by the table and database as needed.


Example 1: Column

> select state, description, $data_length(description) len from states;

ST  DESCRIPTION                      LEN
--  -------------------------------  -----------
AK  Alaska                                     7
AL  Alabama                                    8
AR  Arkansas                                   9
AZ  Arizona                                    8
CA  California                                11
CO  Colorado                                   9
CT  Connecticut                               12

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