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Omnidex Snapshots

Omnidex Snapshots are highly-indexed copies of the database that are easily moved and replicated. An Omnidex Snapshot and its indexes are stored in simple files. Copying or replicating a Snapshot is as easy as moving a directory of files, yet an Omnidex Snapshot is a fully functional database with a SQL engine and a standard ODBC or JDBC interface. Omnidex Snapshots allow architects to distribute databases wherever they want without being tethered to the original database. Snapshots also allow extensive indexing and a heavy query load without burdening the original database.

Most Omnidex Snapshots are complete copies of the database; however, Snapshots can also be created on a subset of tables or a subset of rows. If desired, Snapshots can be generated using any SQL SELECT statement, similar to relational views. This allows Snapshots to acquire new columns based on SQL expressions, or denormalize data from multiple tables. This also allows Snapshots to be an affordable, portable way to tailor data for specific needs without impacting the data server.

Architects normally have to burden the relational database with all of the data access needs. With Omnidex Snapshots, architects can easily distribute the load on the database to different servers, creating different Snapshots for different purposes, each heavily indexed for their particular use. In this way, Omnidex Snapshots give the architect more options when trying to solve the needs of the business.

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