Administration Basics

Learning More About Omnidex

The best way to learn more about Omnidex is to read sections of this documentation as needed, but be sure to try things out as you do. Use a sample application, such as the one created in the Quick Start Guide, to explore the capabilities of Omnidex.

Omnidex Architecture

The chapter on Omnidex Architecture discusses how Omnidex fits into system architectures. Some applications are quite simple and don't need much architecture. Other applications can be quite complex, with web servers, application servers, data servers and load balancers. Learn how Omnidex fits into these system architectures.

Building Applications

The chapter on Building Applications discusses how Omnidex fits into the application lifecycle. Learn how Omnidex is involved in each stage of an application, including design, prototype, development, testing, staging, production and optimization.

Omnidex Fundamentals

The chapter on Omnidex Fundamentals discusses the basics of Omnidex applications, including discussions of Omnidex Environment Files, Omnidex SQL, and Omnidex Network Services.

Indexing Strategies

The chapter on Omnidex Indexes discusses how to install indexes on your database so that you get the performance and flexibility that you want. Basic strategies will satisfy many situations, but learn the advanced techniques as well.

Omnidex Features

The chapter on Omnidex Features discusses additional capabilities within Omnidex, such as Omnidex Snapshots, Omnidex Grids, Rollup Tables, Geographic Searches and Expression-based Columns.

Optimizing Queries

The chapter on Optimizing Queries discusses how to optimize queries so that they perform as well as possible. Also learn about query logging and benchmarking so that you can track and measure the performance of your application.

Monitoring Omnidex

The chapter on Monitoring Omnidex discusses how to monitor Omnidex connections, queries and other statements so that you know the current state of Omnidex on each of your servers. Also use this service to analyze the past 30 days of activity to understand trends.

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