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The EXPORT statement is used to write the results of a query or the qualified ID list from a previous call to the Omnidex subsystem, to an external file.

The EXPORT statement can be implemented in a couple of different ways. These two methods differ from each other in their implementation significantly, but ultimately can produce the same results.

The easiest method to export data is to replace the SELECT keyword with EXPORT, in any SQL select statement. The query is processed like any other select statement and the results are exported to the specified external file. The following example exports all rows and columns from the customers table where the state is “CO”. The rows are exported to “myfile” without any options.

export * from customers where state='co' to myfile

Another method used to export data is to execute one or more QUALIFY commands, and then execute an “EXPORT” command with odxid or odxsi WITH options. This example qualifies all customers in Colorado and California. Then further qualifies the customers to those only in the cities of Boulder, Denver, and Los Angeles. Finally, the ODXIDs are exported to “myfile” using the ODXID with option.

qualify customers where state in ('co','ca')
qualify customers where city in ('and boulder','denver','los angeles')
export to myfile with 'ODXID'

When using the ODXID option, only the internal ids are exported, not the data. These ids can, however, be used as criteria for other qualifications. The following example finds all customers in the state of Colorado except Dynamic Information Systems by first exporting the ODXID for all companies named Dynamic Information Systems, to file1. Next, all companies in the state of Colorado are compared to the list of ODXIDs in file1, leaving only those not named Dynamic Information Systems. Finally, the primary keys are exported to another external file, “results”, using the ODXSI option.

qualify customers where company='dynamic information systems'
export to file1 with odxid, delete
qualify customers where state='co'
qualify customers where "$odxid" = 'and not $file1'
export to results with odxsi, delete


EXPORT [statement] TO filespec [ON [CURSOR] cursor] [WITH options]



This is any Omnidex SELECT that returns results.

WITH option_list


Deletes the export file if it exists.


export select * from trans_table to output.dat;
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