A connection must be established to a specific Omnidex Environment before any Omnidex retrievals can be peformed.

For testing with OdxSQL the CONNECT command is used to establish a connection. A connection can be established to an Omnidex Environment, an ODBC datasource file, or a remote Omnidex environment using a connection string.

When using the Omnidex ODBC and Omnidex JDBC driver, connections are established using ODBC and JDBC calls.


CONNECT [TO] [ [connection_string] ]environment_filespec[ [node_name] ]
        [USING < ODBC | JDBC > ] 
        [WITH options]



TO is optional and is only included for readability.


Connection_string is a bracketed server name and optional port that directs the connection through the Omnidex Network services.

When using a connection_string the USING <ODBC | JDBC > clause must be specified.

connect [server1:7555]odx.xml using ODBC;

Under Windows, the environment_filespec must have the backslash directory separater escaped.

connect [server1:7555]c:\\dev\\odx\\myenv.xml using odbc


The Environment_filespec specifies the Omnidex XML Environment containing the Omnidex metadata. The keyword TO is optional.

connect odx.xml;

A connection string enclosed in brackets can prefix the environment_filespec to specify a host and port which will then route the calls to an Omnidex Network Services OdxNet process running on the specified remote server.

connect [server1:7555]odx.xml;

A specific node_name can be enclosed in brackets and appended to the environment_filespec to connect to a specific node. This is useful in a test situation where the performance of a specific node is being reviewed.

connect odx.xml[node1]; 

AS [user]/[password]

Used to specify a username and password if required by the underlying relational database.

connect odxoracle.xml as orauser/pass;


Used to specify either the ODBC or JDBC api to use for access. This is primarily used to test ODBC and JDBC access using OdxSQL. This clause must be specified if using a connection string.

connect [server1:7555]odx.xml using ODBC;

WITH options

Options specific to the CONNECT command.

MAINTENANCE - Accesses the Omnidex Environment exclusively to facilitate changes.

connect to odx.xml with maintenance;
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