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Parallel Servers Architecture

Large production applications can require a lot of components, including multiple web servers, multiple application servers and multiple data servers. They often have load balancers to distribute the load between servers. They can also have staging servers that allow a new version of the application and database to be prepared before switching it into production.

Omnidex servers can be replicated as well and load balancers can be used to even the load between servers. Individual Omnidex servers can also be assigned different types of queries. For example, longer running queries can be routed to a separate server so that the bulk of the queries remain as fast as possible.

Staging servers are an effective way to incorporate new data. In many businesses, data comes in the form of whole new data files. A new copy of the database can be indexed and tested on staging servers before being deployed. The new database and indexes can be deployed by switching the roles of the staging servers and production servers. The old staging server becomes the new production server, and the old production server becomes the new staging server.

Omnidex has been deployed in a wide variety of architectures, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Feel free to contact an Omnidex Consultant for assistance in creating the best architecture.

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