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Omnidex Standalone Tables


The Omnidex Environment File is the key to setting up Omnidex on raw data files. Omnidex Standalone Tables have metadata about the table itself, but not the table relationships or the Omnidex indexing. The Omnidex Environment File fulfills this role.

Declaring Databases for Raw Data Files

Databases in Omnidex are of a particular type, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or ODBC. A database that accesses a raw data file has its own type: FILE. All tables within this database must be raw data files, though they can be a mixture of the types of raw data files supported by Omnidex.

create database       "SIMPLE"
 type                 FILE
 index_directory      "idx"
 in                   "simple.xml";

Declaring Tables for Omnidex Standalone Tables

Tables will point to a single Omnidex Standalone Table, and the file must match the record layout specified in the CREATE TABLE statement. In the CREATE TABLE statement, the OST option in the OPTIONS clause is used to identify this as an Omnidex Standalone Table.

In the CREATE TABLE statement, the PHYSICAL clause is used to point to the physical location of the raw data file. This PHYSICAL clause can contain a relative path name (relative to the location of the Omnidex Environment File) such as “dat/states.ost”, or an absolute path name such as “d:/class/lab1/dat/states.ost”. Unlike fixed-length and delimited files, only one Omnidex Standalone Table can be referenced in the PHYSICAL clause, and wildcards are not allowed. The PHYSICAL clause can reference environment variables using a special syntax.

create table          "STATES"
 options              "OST"
 physical             "dat/states.ost"

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