Software Installation: Licensing

Validating a License Code

Omnidex license codes require validation. When a license is validated, Omnidex gathers the same information about your server that was supplied when the license was requested, and encrypts and sends that information to the DISC Licensing Server. The DISC Licensing Server matches this information with the information on file for this license. If your server has access to the Internet, this periodic step is done automatically and no additional action is required.

If your server does not currently have access to the Internet, nor did it have access when the license was originally created, then your license has an expiration date in lieu of periodic validation.

If your server originally had access to the Internet, but does not have Internet access when validation is required, you will have a grace period to perform the validation. Omnidex will automatically attempt to validate the license each day, or alternatively, you can manually validate the license using the “VALIDATE LICENSE” command in OdxSQL.

If your server will not have access to the Internet in the future, then request a new license that has an expiration date.

> validate license
License validation is successful

If you have any difficulty validating your license code, feel free to contact Technical Support.

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