Software Installation: Licensing

Requesting a License Code

There are three types of licenses that you can request - Enterprise, Developer or Trial. Consult the Product Editions documentation for information about the versions of Omnidex. Servers that have never been previously licensed are eligible for an automatic 14-day Trial license, while all other license requests will be promptly reviewed by DISC's Licensing Department. The approach for requesting a license is the same in all cases.

You can request a license code for Omnidex by issuing the “REQUEST LICENSE” command in the program OdxSQL as shown below. This command will gather information about your computer and send us a request for a license code. The syntax of the REQUEST LICENSE command is:


This command will prompt for contact information and will collect information about your server. Omnidex will then gather information about the system that you would like to license and prepare the full licensing request. This information will be displayed on the screen, and you will be asked for permission to encrypt and send this information to DISC's licensing server. If access to the Internet is available, it will contact the licensing server at DISC to request a license. If the Internet is not available, it will display information that can be sent to DISC via email.

> request trial license

Please answer these questions to request a license code for this computer:

                       Omnidex License Request

License Type:                   TRIAL
Company Name:                   <your company name>
Contact Name:                   <your name>
Phone Number:                   <your phone number>
Email:                          <your email address>

Omnidex Version                 <version of Omnidex>
Compilation Timestamp           <timestamp when Omnidex was compiled>
Compilation Configuration       <32-bit or 64-bit compilation configuration>
Hardware Platform               <make and model of server>
Physical Memory                 <memory available on the server>
Processors                      <quantity and model of processors>
Total Cores                     <total number of processors cores>
Operating System Name           <operating system>
Operating System Version        <operating system version>
Nodename                        <node name>
Server ID                       <identifier for the hardware>
System Board ID                 <identifier for the system board>
Operating System ID             <identifier for the operating system>
Omnidex System ID               <Omnidex-specific identifier for this server>
Omnidex Home Directory          <installation directory>
Omnidex Registration File       <license file location>
License Status                  <current licensing status>


Encrypt and send this licensing request to DISC's Licensing Server? yes

Processing your license request.  Please wait ...

Thank you.  Your request will be responded to within 1 business day.

Once you receive the license code, it may be registered using the instructions in the next section.

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