Software Installation: Licensing

Displaying License Information

The current license information can be displayed using the “SHOW LICENSE” command in the program OdxSQL as shown below:

> show license
                           Omnidex License Information

Omnidex Version                 <version of Omnidex>
Compilation Timestamp           <timestamp when Omnidex was compiled>
Compilation Configuration       <32-bit or 64-bit compilation configuration>
Hardware Platform               <make and model of server>
Physical Memory                 <memory available on the server>
Processors                      <quantity and model of processors>
Total Cores                     <total number of processors cores>
Operating System Name           <operating system>
Operating System Version        <operating system version>
Nodename                        <node name>
Server ID                       <identifier for the hardware>
System Board ID                 <identifier for the system board>
Operating System ID             <identifier for the operating system>
Omnidex System ID               <Omnidex-specific identifier for this server>
Omnidex Home Directory          <installation directory>
Omnidex Registration File       <license file location>
Licensee                        <company name>
License Type                    <license type>
Licensed Validation             <license validation status>
Licensed Expiration             <license expiration>
License Code                    <license code and id number>
License Status                  <current licensing status>

For additional help on licensing Omnidex, please contact Technical Support.

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