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Software Installation: Supported Platforms

Omnidex is supported on many combinations of operating systems and platforms as shown below. To download a copy of Omnidex, visit the Software Downloads page.

Operating Systems

Omnidex is regularly released on the following operating systems. As part of the release process, Omnidex is tested and certified on some of these platforms. It is also available and supported on other platforms, though it may not have been individually tested and certified.

32-bit 64-bit
Operating System Supported Certified Supported Certified

Microsoft Windows
Windows Server 2008 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Server 2012 Yes No Yes Yes
Windows 7 Yes No Yes No
Windows 10 Yes No Yes No

Red Hat / CentOS Linux 6/7 Contact DISC No Yes Yes
Other distributions of Linux Contact DISC No Contact DISC No

Database Systems

Omnidex is regularly released with support for the following database systems. As part of the release process, Omnidex is tested and certified on some of these databases.

Database System Supported Certified

Raw Data Files
Fixed Length Files Yes Yes
Delimited Files Yes Yes
Omnidex Standalone Tables Yes Yes

Version 10 Yes No
Version 11 Yes No
Version 12 Yes Yes

Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server 2000 Yes No
SQL Server 2005 Yes No
SQL Server 2008 Yes Yes
SQL Server 2012 Yes No
SQL Server 2014 Yes Yes

MySQL 5.1 Yes No
MySQL 5.5 Yes No
MySQL 5.6 Yes Yes

Generic ODBC
ODBC Standard 2.0 - Windows Yes* Yes
ODBC Standard 2.0 - Linux Yes* Yes

*Different database systems implement the ODBC standard in different ways. Because of this, some Omnidex features may not be available on some databases using the Generic ODBC interface.

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