NSADMIN Network Services Administration

The NSADMIN (Network Services Administrator) utility provides a means of remotely monitoring and administering an ODXNET process running on any server, from a Windows client machine.

For a specified ODXNET process, NSAdmin displays information about preconnected processes, and connected clients including the NSAdmin connection, query states, Omnidex installation version information, and configuration settings. NSAdmin also provides the ability to abort a running query, a client process, or the odxsrvr process.

NSADMIN is installed with Omnidex Client on a Windows client machine.

Settings displayed from the ODXNET configuration file cannot be changed from within NSAdmin.

Connect to an OdxNet Listener

To connect NSAdmin to an ODXNET process, the process must have been started using a properly configured ODXNET configuration file and Omnidex Network Services.

The NSAdmin executable is located in the Omnidex Client default directory (odxclnt). NSAdmin will prompt for the server name or IP address, the ODXNET listener port id, and the password specified in the listener's configuration file.

Program Operation

After connecting to an ODXNET listener, the NSADMIN window opens displaying host name, port #, ODXNET version # and the date and time that the ODXNET listener was started at the top of the window.

At the bottom of the window are three buttons allowing you to refresh the information being displayed, shut down the listener or close NSADMIN.

At the center of the window is a tab control with 6 tabs labeled:

ODXNET Clients - Shows connected clients and available preconnections. To see more information about a particular connection, double-click the desired connection or select the connection and click the Client Details button. A new window pops up displaying information about the client and the last query that processed through this client.

General - Shows current ODXNET listener properties.

Startup - Shows ODXNET listener start up properties.

Summary - Shows historical connection statistics since the listener was started.

Pools - Shows a list of preconnections and their status.

Versions - Shows ODXNET version information.

Configuration File Settings

Settings for the ODXNET configuration file that directly affect NSADMIN.


; Specifies port number that client users specify in their
; data source files and where odxnet listens for socket
; connection requests

;Force password for NSAdmin access to odxnet

;Configured password for NSAdmin access
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