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OACOMP is a console based application that compiles a file of Omnidex environment source statements into a Compiled Omnidex Environment or an XML Omnidex Environment that can then be connected via the Omnidex SQL CONNECT Statement or via ODBC and JDBC connections.

As of Omnidex Version 5.0, Omnidex supports two types of Omnidex Enviroments:

  1. Omnidex Compiled Environment
  2. Omnidex XML Environment

Although either type of Omnidex Environment can be connected via the Omnidex SQL CONNECT statement or via an ODBC or JDBC connection, DISC recommends that Omnidex XML Environments should be used after Omnidex version 5.1. However for existing applications or for certain features only supported in Omnidex Compiled Environments, OACOMP will continued to be supported.

Compiled Omnidex Environments can be directly used by DBINSTAL. However XML Omnidex Environments can only be maintained by OdxAdmin or by OdxSQL using Omnidex SQL Data Definition Language statements such as CREATE ENVIRONMENT and CREATE TABLE.

Omnidex Version Issues

For existing customers, use the following guide to determine whether to use an Omnidex XML Environment or an Omnidex Compiled Environment.

  • Previous to version 5.0: use OACOMP to compile an Omnidex Environment Source into an Omnidex Compiled Environment.
  • After version 5.0 and before version 5.1, use OACOMP to translate an Omnidex Environment Source into an Omnidex XML Environment.
  • After version 5.1 and before version 5.2, use OdxSQL and Omnidex Data Definition Language Statements such as CREATE ENVIRONMENT and CREATE TABLE to maintain an Omnidex XML Environment.
  • After version 5.2, use the Windows application OdxAdmin or OdxSQL to maintain an Omnidex XML Environment.
  • For all versions after version 5.0, continue to use an Omnidex Compiled Environment for features only supported with an Omnidex Compiled Environment.

Running OACOMP

OACOMP requires an Omnidex Environment Source file.

oacomp [ Options ] Source_Filespec 
       [ Object_Filespec.env ] | [XML_Filespec.xml ]
       [ List_Filespec ]

Source File is the uncompiled environment source detailing the database, tables and columns, and other pertinent information used by Omnidex. A .src extension is assumed and will automatically be appended to the end of the supplied file name.

Object File is the name of the output file, the compiled environment catalog. If omitted, the output file will be the same as the source file with a .env extension.

List File is an optional message file where OACOMP messages will be written. If omitted, messages will be displayed to the console.

OACOMP Examples

Default File Suffixes
os> oacomp myenv

Compiles myenv.src into myenv.env. Since no file suffix or a named compiled environment file is specified, myenv.src and myenv.env will be used as defaults by OACOMP.

Specified Environment Filespec
os> oacomp myenv.src myenv.env

Compiles myenv.src into myenv.env. Note that when the environment suffix is specified, then the source file suffix must be specified as well.

Translates an Environment Source into an Environment XML file
os> oacomp myenv.src myenv.xml
Specified fully qualified path and file
os> C:\omnidex\demo>oacomp d:\test\orders.src d:\test\env\orders.env 

OACOMP Options


Creates an XML Omnidex Environment from an existing Environment Source file.

os> oacomp -xml myenv

Creates a myenv.xml file from the myenv.src file.


Suppresses the display of the Omnidex STATS file.

os> oacomp -nostats myenv

The Omnidex STATS file is automatically created in the index directory specified in the Omnidex Environment Source. The nostats option will suppress the automatic creation of the file.

OACOMP Operation

OACOMP operaters in three phases:

  • The parsing phase checks the source file for valid syntax.
  • The validation phase checks for unresolved references.
  • The compilation phase creates and writes out the physical Environment Catalog.

OACOMP will display each phase as it is processing.

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