OADECOMP Omnidex Environment De-Compiler

OADECOMP decompiles an Environment Catalog into an editable source file.

The OADECOMP utility is generally used when the original source file that created the Omnidex Environment Catalog is no longer available or to ensure the validity of the source file.

The program accepts the compiled Environment Catalog and the output source file as runtime arguments.

To decompile an Environment Catalog, run OADECOMP using the appropriate operating system format and specify the compiled Environment Catalog and the output source file at the command line.

os>oadecomp [<Options>] <Omnidex_Environment_Filespec> [<Output Filespec>]


Options may include:

Omnidex Environment Filespec is the compiled Omnidex Environment that is to be de-compiled.

Output Filespec

Output Filespec is the output file name.

The .src and .env file extensions for both the compiled environment file and the output file, are assumed and optional.


oadecomp orders.env orders.src
Connected; Decompiled; Done
**Environment Decompiled Successfully!**
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