Omnidex Administator

Omnidex provides the Omnidex Administrator, an easy to use Windows program to create and maintain Omnidex Environments. Note that the Omnidex Administrator is only available in a preview mode for the 5.1 release and may not work on your particular distribution.

Omnidex Administrator Uses

Omnidex Administrator can be used to:

  • Connect to a RDBMS and create an Omnidex Environment from the underlying tables and columns.
  • Create the table and column layouts of transaction logs and other flat files.
  • Specify how tables and columns should be indexed.
  • Synchronize the indexes with the underlying data.

Alternatives to Omnidex Administration

  • Until the Omnidex Administrator is in production release, please use OdxSQL and the Data Definition Statements such as CREATE ENVIRONMENT, CREATE TABLE,etc. to create and maintain Omnidex Environments.
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