ODXMAKE Unix and Linux Omnidex Software Installation Script

ODXMAKE is a UNIX linkage and make script to link Omnidex to the proper database binaries. It modifies the .profile file to support Omnidex, installs the drivers for the databases and file systems supported on a Unix machine, and creates the executable files from files loaded onto the system when the software was restored.

ODXMAKE can also be used to add additional database drivers, change the version of a database, or install a DISC provided patch.

Because of variations in the DBMS vendor's installations and location of installed files, the odxmake file may fail during the linkage process. Please contact DISC Technical Support or an Account Support Engineer to help determine site specific installation issues. Certain operating systems such as Windows NT, MPEiX and VMS do not require running the odxmake script.

The odxmake script is only required on UNIX and Linux and is not used on Windows installations.

To run odxmake, enter odxmake at the system prompt:

os$ odxmake

For 32bit Linux installations running on 64 bit Linux, use the -m option.

os$ odxmake -m

See the Server Setup Guide for specific details on odxmake for the appropriate server.

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