REGMAINT Omnidex Registry Maintenance Utility

REGMAINT is an Omnidex console utility used to license and activate the software.



Regmaint(Windows_NT) v2.03.00 (Licensing v2.03.00) Thu Sep 25 2003
(c)Dynamic Information Systems Corporation. 1981-2003

Please choose from one of the following:
1) Enter licensing code and activation key.
2) Enter the expiration extension codes.
3) Display cpu model and system identification value.
4) Display licensing information.
0) Exit Regmaint.

Enter your menu choice [0]: 1

Please enter the location of the Omnidex registry file at the following promp
Default location [C:\omnidex]:

Please enter the Licensing code and Activation key exactly as they are printe
You must enter in the letters in upper or lower case as they are shown.

Licensing code :ABCDEfGHijklmNOp
Activation key :Q4RSTU
Licensee Name :Documentation Copy

The following software products are licensed for your use:
Omnidex Kernel. Version 308
maximum indexable rows per table: Unlimited
maximum concurrent users: Unlimited
Omnidex Library.
Client Server.
OmniAccess Database Driver(s):
Oracle Driver.
Image Driver.
RDB Driver.
RMS Driver.
C-ISAM Driver.
Sybase Driver.
Informix Driver.
ODBC Driver.
DB2 Driver.
Flat file Driver.
Aggregation Index driver.
Transaction Mgr driver.

Press the <enter/return> key to continue.
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