REGTEST Omnidex Registry Testing Utility

REGTEST is an installation utility that should be run after the environment variables are set to verify that Omnidex has been properly licensed for the server and that the Omnidex registration and license database can be located by the Omnidex run-time software.

Run the REGTEST utility to verify that the Omnidex licensing system has been appropriately activated on this server.

The REGTEST program is located in the bin directory on UNIX and Windows NT systems and in the PUB group on MPEiX.


The following is a sample regtest output run on a Windows machine.


Regtest (Windows_NT) v2.03.01 (Licensing v2.03.00) Thu Sepn 25 2003
(c) Dynamic Information Systems Corporation. 1981-2003

This program's purpose is to determine any possible errors or problems with the Omnidex Registry.

Press the <enter/return> key to continue or Q to quit:

System Information:

Name : Windows_NT
Node : CALNT
Release : V5.1
Version : 2600 Service Pack 1
Model : 15 (Intel Pentium IV)
Processors: 1
Sysid : 03-10200
Endian : Little

Press the <enter/return> key to continue:

The following variable(s) have been set:


Press the <enter/return> key to begin the test(s) or Q to quit:

Test 1: Licensing Information test.
Licensee : DISC Internal Copy
Serial number: 10001
Max rows: Unlimited
Max users: Unlimited
Cpu Model: 15
Cpu Sysid: 0300102
Processors: Undefined
Omnidex Registry Dates:
File Creation date: Thu Sep 25 01:00:00 2003
Unlicensed product expiration: Thu Sep 25 01:00:00 2003
Licensed Product(s):
Omnidex Kernel
Omnidex Library
Client Server
OmniAccess dirver(s)
Aggregation Index driver
Optimization Index driver
Transaction Mgr driver
Flat file Driver
Oracle Driver
Informix Driver
Sybase Driver
DB2 Driver
ODBC Driver
RDB Driver
RMS Driver
C-ISAM Driver
Image Driver

Test 1: Index Access 1.00.00 licensing test.
T est 1: successful.

Test 2: DataAccess Flat file 1.00.00 licensing test.
Test 2: successful.

Test 3: DataAccess Oracle 0.00.00 licensing test.
Test 3: successful.

Test 4: DataAccess Sybase 0.00.00 licensing test.
Test 4: successful.

Test 5: DataAccess ODBC 1.00.97 licensing test.
Test 5: successful.

Test 6: Index Access 1.00.00 licensing test(2).
Test 6: successful.

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