SETUP Windows Client and Server Setup

This guide describes how to install and license the Omnidex software on a Windows machine.

First, download the software from the Downloads tab in this documentation.

Second, extract the setup executable from the downloaded zip file.

Third, run the setup executable and you will be presented with this screen:

Specifying the SETUP Type

License the Software

To activate and license the Omnidex software, follow these steps.



2. From the menu, shown below, select item 1:

Regmaint(Windows_NT) v2.03.00 Thu Sep 25 2003
(c)Dynamic Information Systems Corporation. 1981-2003

Please choose from one of the following:
1) Enter licensing code and activation key.
2) Enter the expiration extension codes.
3) Display cpu model and system identification value.
4) Display licensing information.
0) Exit Regmaint.
Enter your menu choice [0]: 1

3. Enter path of Omnidex registry file

Enter the path where you want to place the Omnidex registry file, or press [Return] for the default:

Please enter the location of the Omnidex registry file [c:\omnidex\bin]:

The default location of the registry file (shown above as omnidex) is the home directory.

4. Enter License Keys

Regmaint prompts for the licensing information from the sticker affixed below. Enter the requested licensing information at the appropriate prompt. For example:

Licensing code :McNnbsBpTMBYK
Activation key :MUMJ7M
Licensee Name :My company's name

Be sure to enter licensing information exactly as it appears on the sticker affixed below. Type capital letters (like G) as such and lower case letters (like g) as such.

5. Verifying the Licensing setup

If the licensing information is entered correctly, regmaint will display the following message:

The following software products have been initialized for your use:
Omnidex Core. Version 308
Omnidex Library.
Press the <enter/return> key to continue.


Press [Enter] or [Return] twice to return to the main menu and to exit regmaint. Omnidex is now installed on the system and is ready to use.

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