SYSINFO is a stand-alone console utility that is used to display operating system information needed for DISC's product licensing system. DISC uses the system information provided by the SYSINFO utility to create a trial or production version of Omnidex. The created Omnidex media is generated with specialized installation keys based on the system information provided by SYSINFO.

SYSINFO can be easily emailed or accessed from a DISC FTP server.

SYSINFO is not generally run after the initial media installation step is performed.

SYSINFO does not have any run-time arguments.


The following is a sample output from a Windows XP computer:


Sysinfo(Windows_NT)  v2.02.00      Sun Dec 06 16:39:13 2009
(c)Dynamic Information Systems Corporation.  1981-2009

System Information:
  Name      : Windows_NT
  Node      : TDO830
  Release   : V5.1
  Version   : 2600 Service Pack 3
  Model     : 6 (Intel Pentium II)
  Processors: 2
  Sysid     : 03-00102
  Endian    : Little

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