VERSIONS - Omnidex Version and System Information

VERSIONS is a console utility that displays Omnidex version and operating system information.

Run Time Options

The following run-time settings can control the information that is displayed:

Syntax: versions [options]

Description: Prints version information from OmniAccess

Options:     -help | -?         Help
             -version           Program version
             -all               Print all versions
             -releases          Print all release versions
             -build             Print all build information
             -sysinfo           Print all system information
             -envvars           Print all environment variables
             -nobanner          Do not print banner
             -modules           Print information for specified modules
             -terse             Print information in terse form
             -pause             Program will pause before exiting
-help or -?

displays help information


displays the versions program information


displays all Omnidex version information and available operating system information


displays Omnidex release information. This is the default setting.


displays operating system information


displays Omnidex environment variables


displays information without the banner


displays information on each Omnidex module


print information in terse form


The following is the sample output from the VERSIONS utility on a Windows XP machine.

VERSIONS - Omnidex Versions Utility                    Thu Dec 03 09:18:43 2009
(c) Dynamic Information Systems Corp.  1981-2009                   5.0 Build 2B
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 3 (2600)                        TDO830/TDO
** Trial Copy **

Omnidex Version                  5.0 Build 2B
Compilation Timestamp            Oct 13 2009  08:57:09
Compilation Configuration        32-bit
Hardware Platform                6 (Intel Pentium II)
System ID                        03-00102
Processors                       2
Physical Memory                  2048MB
Operating System                 Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 3 (2600)
Nodename                         TDO830
Login                            TDO
Process ID                       2744
Thread ID                        748
Current Working Directory        C:\dev\odx\tiny
Program                          C:\PROGRA~1\OMNIDE~1.0\bin\versions.exe
Program Arguments                None
Machine Byte Order               Little endian
Open File Limit                  0
Malloc'd Memory Limit            0
Library Path                     See PATH variable
TMPDIR Directory                 C:\DOCUME~1\TDO.ms\LOCALS~1\Temp
Omnidex Home Directory           C:\Program Files\Omnidex 5.0
Omnidex Library Directory        C:\Program Files\Omnidex 5.0\bin
Omnidex Registration File        Not set
Omnidex Environment Location     Not set
Registered ODBC Driver           C:\Program Files\Omnidex 5.0\bin\odxodbc.dll
Registered ODBC Driver Version   5.00.02B Production
Earliest Compatible ODBC Client  4.3 Build 4B
Earliest Compatible JDBC Client  4.3 Build 4B
Earliest Compatible Odx Kernel   5.0 Build 1B
Omnidex Licensee                 ** Trial Copy **
License Type                     Trial
Licensed CPU                     Type 6 (0300102)
Licensed Modules                 None
Licensed Database Drivers        None
License Constraints              None
License Serial Number            12345
License Created                  Tue, Dec 01, 2009
Licensed Products Expiration     No licensed products
Unlicensed Products Expiration   Sat, Dec 15, 2012
Software Build Information

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