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Omnidex Snapshots


Omnidex Snapshots can be easily copied to multiple servers for additional scalability. This replication can provide completely independent environments, even with independent web servers and application servers. Load balancers can be used to distribute traffic between the multiple servers to achieve extraordinary scalability.

Some applications will allow multiple application servers to point to the same location on a SAN to located the files of an Omnidex Snapshot. This works well as long as the data and indexes are accessed in a read-only mode, and as long as there is sufficient I/O bandwidth available on the SAN and the channels to the SAN.

In more complex situations, an Omnidex Grid can provide additional scalability. An Omnidex Grid can be thought of as a multi-partition Omnidex Snapshot. Each node is like an individual Omnidex Snapshot, while all of the nodes share the same metadata. Additional scalability can be achieved by partitioning the data into a Grid, and then adding more nodes to the grid as the database grows. Consult the section on Omnidex Grids for more information.

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