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Index Creation

Index Files

Omnidex stores its indexes in files that are located in the Index Directory, which is specified in the CREATE DATABASE statement. The index files will all begin with the name of the database as declared in the CREATE DATABASE statement and will be followed by various names or numbers. Small databases will have only a handful of index files, while large databases may have hundreds of files.

The Omnidex index files are interdependent and cannot be individually copied or separated without corrupting the indexes. During backups or deployments, the entire index fileset should be copied with the data. Most commonly, administrators will back up or copy the entire index directory, alongside a copy of the data.

07/12/2011  03:00 PM             4,096 SIMPLE0000
07/12/2011  03:00 PM            20,480 SIMPLE0001
07/12/2011  03:00 PM             1,434 SIMPLE0002
07/12/2011  03:00 PM             8,192 SIMPLE0003
07/12/2011  03:00 PM               456 SIMPLE0004
07/12/2011  03:00 PM             8,192 SIMPLE0005
07/12/2011  03:00 PM                10 SIMPLE0006
07/12/2011  03:00 PM           114,688 SIMPLE0007
07/12/2011  03:00 PM            30,544 SIMPLE0008
07/12/2011  03:00 PM           262,144 SIMPLE0009
07/12/2011  03:00 PM            20,480 SIMPLE0010
07/12/2011  03:00 PM            80,000 SIMPLE0011
07/12/2011  03:00 PM            14,404 SIMPLESTATS

Index File Compression

Omnidex indexes use an efficient index compression algorithm to reduce the physical footprint of Omnidex on the disk drive. In most cases, Omnidex requires about 2.5 bytes per keyword for its indexes. A keyword is an individual index entry. For standard Omnidex indexes, a keyword is an index value; for QuickText indexes, a keyword is a parsed word from the text field. Note that Omnidex Bitmap indexes require substantially less space, and FullText indexes require more space.

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