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Omnidex can interrupt a query after a certain amount of time has passed. This can be valuable to insure that no single query consumes too much resource on the server. Once the timeout is reached, Omnidex will return an error. This error is an indication that the query may benefit from further optimization.

Omnidex will enforce timeouts as well as it can; however, at times Omnidex transfer control of the query over to other services, such as the underlying relational database. Omnidex may not be able to interrupt the underlying service. In those cases, Omnidex will trigger the timeout as soon as control is returned.

Timeouts are not active by default. They can be set using the TIMEOUT option of the SELECT statement. The value used in this option is the number of elapsed seconds before the timeout is reached.

select ... with TIMEOUT=30 

The TIMEOUT can also be set for all queries using the SET TIMEOUT statement.

set timeout 30

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