Introduction to Optimizing Queries

Configuring Omnidex

There are several ways that Omnidex can be configured. Most of these configuration options affect the way that the Omnidex SQL Engine processes queries or provide software diagnostics. These configuration options fall into four categories:

  • Optimization Settings - These settings instruct Omnidex about how to optimize queries. Some settings tell Omnidex to enable or disable optimizations as needed. Other settings tell Omnidex to cause an error if certain optimizations cannot be made.
  • Thresholds - Certain optimizations in Omnidex take affect only after a certain threshold has been reached, or are in affect until a certain threshold is reached. These thresholds can be changed by the administrator based on the needs of the application.
  • Timeouts - Omnidex can halt processing of a query if too much time has passed. Timeouts are not in effect unless requested, and can be configured for any amount of time.
  • Diagnostics - Omnidex has a deep set of diagnostics that can be used to understand what an application is doing or to help diagnose problems with Omnidex. Some of these diagnostics are valuable to the administrator or developer, and others are valuable when working with Technical Support.

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