Software Installation: Release Notes

Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, from new features to increased performance. Here are the primary features and enhancements in the major releases of Omnidex:

Omnidex version: 5.4.03 | 5.4.02 | 5.4.01

Omnidex 5.4 Release History

Version 5.4.03A (December 2016)

  • Add OmnidexEnvironment.cfg and OmnidexListener.cfg configuration files.
  • Add FullText indexing to Omnidex Small Business licenses.
  • Require administrator privileges for installations on Microsoft Windows.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements with Linux signal handling and buffer management during UPDATE INDEXES.

Version 5.4.02A (August 2016)

  • Fix issue with optimization of aggregation with HAVING clause using composite index.
  • Enable more comprehensive license testing on Linux

Version 5.4.01A (June 2016)

  • Introduction of new monthly and annual subscription licensing for Omnidex
  • Introduction of new Starter and Small Business editions of Omnidex
  • Introduction of new Enterprise core-based licensing
  • Substantial improvements to Omnidex Administrator
  • Support for declaring the temporary directory in the CREATE ENVIRONMENT statement
  • Fix issue with sorted data segments with duplicate values
  • Fix segment handling on Omnidex Grids
  • Fix issue with optimizing SELECT statements containing UNION clauses
  • Change LOAD OFX statement to UPDATE DELIMITED

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