Software Installation: Release Notes

Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, including new features, increased performance, and bug fixes. Here are the main features and enhancements in this release of Omnidex:

Omnidex version: 5.4.03 | 5.4.02 | 5.4.01

Omnidex 5.4.03 (December 2016)

Configuration Files

This release introduces two new configuration files:

  • OmnidexEnvironment.cfg - This file, located in the 'bin' directory, contains environment variables and settings that should be in effect for all Omnidex processes.
  • OmnidexListener.cfg - This file, located in the 'config' directory, contains the default configuration settings for the Omnidex Network Service. This file was previously named odxnet.cfg.

Small Business Licenses

Omnidex Small Business licenses have been expanded to include FullText indexing capability.

Administrator Privilege

Omnidex now requires administrator privileges during installation on Microsoft Windows.

Bug Fixes

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements, especially in the areas of signal handling on Linux and buffer management during UPDATE INDEXES.

A more detailed release history of these versions is also available, showing the individual patches and release dates.

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