Integration: Raw Data Files

Delimited Files

Exporting Data to Delimited Files

The Omnidex EXPORT statement can be used to create delimited files from another Omnidex environment. For example, users can connect to an Omnidex Environment File that accesses a relational database and then export delimited files for use in a data mart. In fact, this approach is the basis for Omnidex Snapshots.

The Omnidex EXPORT statement can export the results of any SQL statement, including statements that retrieve a subset of columns or rows, join tables, perform aggregations or order the results. These SQL statements can also include SQL functions and expressions, allowing administrators to generate a wide variety of data files for their applications.

The Omnidex EXPORT statement has several options for generating different types of raw data files. These options are the same as those used in the CREATE TABLE statement.

This simple example exports all of the columns and rows from a table. The options used will create a comma-delimited file appropriate for the Microsoft Windows operating system that honors quotation marks.

export        (select        *
                 from        INDIVIDUALS)
  to          individuals.csv

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