Integration: Raw Data Files

Fixed-length Files

Exporting Data to Fixed-length Files

The Omnidex EXPORT statement can be used to create fixed-length data files from another Omnidex environment. For example, users can connect to an Omnidex Environment File that accesses a relational database and then export fixed-length data files for use in a data mart. In fact, this approach is the basis for Omnidex Snapshots.

The Omnidex EXPORT statement can export the results of any SQL statement, including statements that retrieve a subset of columns or rows, join tables, perform aggregations or order the results. These SQL statements can also include SQL functions and expressions, allowing administrators to generate a wide variety of data files for their applications.

The Omnidex EXPORT statement has several options for generating different types of raw data files. By default, the EXPORT statement will create a fixed-length data file, and so no options are needed to produce these files.

This simple example exports all of the columns and rows from a table. No options are needed for fixed-length data files.

export        (select        *
                 from        INDIVIDUALS)
  to          individuals.dat
  with        DELETE;

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