Integration: Relational Databases

Generic ODBC


The CREATE DATABASE statement is used to declare a database within an Omnidex Environment File to be accessed through ODBC. This statement can either be issued directly, or it can be extracted from the database using the EXTRACT statement as discussed in the previous section.

The CREATE DATABASE statement must include the datasource that connects to the underlying database, as well as a user and password. It is recommended to use a System DSN, rather than a User DSN, so that the DSN will be accessible across all users and from the Omnidex Network Services.

create database                "SIMPLE"
 type                          odbc
 dsn                           "simple"
 user                          "simple"
 password                      "simple"
 index_directory               "idx"
 in                            "simple.xml";

ODBC Security

Omnidex provides three methods of supporting ODBC security.

  • Administrators can register a user and password in the ODBC datasource.
  • Administrators can register a user and password in the Omnidex Environment File. This user and password will always be used to access the database, and no users and passwords will be needed from the application.
  • The application can pass a user and password in the Omnidex Connection String. This user and password is then passed directly to ODBC to access the database.

One of these approaches must be used to allow connections to the database through ODBC. Administrators should insure that the user and password provides access to all of the database objects referenced in the Omnidex Environment Files.

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