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What is Omnidex?

  • Omnidex is a highly-optimized search and analytic engine that delivers dramatically faster queries for business intelligence and online applications using standard SQL interfaces.
  • Omnidex provides flexible search capabilities that go well beyond a standard database. Omnidex indexes your textual data using Internet search engine-like features, and uses fuzzy searches so that you don't worry about exact search terms or misspellings.
  • Omnidex supports your relational database by adding speed and flexibility without altering the underlying database. Omnidex can enhance your query performance without jeopardizing your investment in the relational system.
  • Omnidex indexes raw data files without costly imports into a relational database. Omnidex provides a NoSQL solution by directly indexing and querying your raw data files and transaction logs, all using ANSI SQL through standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces.

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