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{{page>:top_add&nofooter&noeditbtn}} ~~NOTOC~~ ====== Programs: OdxSQL ====== [[programs:odxsql:home|Overview]] | [[programs:odxsql:commands|Commands]] | [[programs:odxsql:options|Options]] | [[programs:odxsql:cmdline|Command-line]] | **[[programs:odxsql:files|Command Files]]** ---- ===== Command Files ===== OdxSQL can execute a file of commands using the USE command. This is useful to run a batch of commands in succession. A common use of this approach are the CREATE ENVIRONMENT, CREATE DATABASE and CREATE TABLE statements that are used to create an Omnidex environment file. A command file is often used to process the commands to update the rollup tables, indexes and text dictionaries for an environment. A command file can also contain a series of SELECT statements to be processed, both in test and production environments. Any OdxSQL command can be used in a command file. The only restriction is on the USE statement so that files cannot be recursively called. A command file can contain a USE statement, but that second command file cannot contain a USE statement. ==== Test Directives ==== OdxSQL supports additional test directives that can be placed in command files for testing purposes. These are special comments that OdxSQL will recognize and process accordingly. === ;<COMMON> === The COMMON directive contains statements that must be run whenever the command file is run. These commands are not a test per se, but rather essential commands that prepare for running tests. The most common statements found in the COMMON section are CONNECT, DISCONNECT and SET. === ;<SECTION=name> === The SECTION directive indicates a section of tests. It is provided for organizational purposes only. === ;<TEST=name> === The TEST directive is the most essential directive, and it starts a series of statements that must be run together. For example, some tests may require that a segment be created before it is subsequently referenced, or a row must be updated before it is retrieved. All statements between one TEST directive and the next TEST, SECTION or COMMON directive will be considered a single test. If an error occurs, though, the remaining statements in the test will not be processed. === ;<TEST_CLEANUP> === The TEST_CLEANUP directive is optionally at the end of a test and contains commands that must be processed, even if the test fails. For example, if a TEST uses a CREATE SEGMENT command, the TEST_CLEANUP will likely contain a DROP SEGMENT command. ===== ===== **[[programs:odxsql:cmdline|Prev]]** ====== Additional Resources ====== See also: {{page>:programs:see_also&nofooter&noeditbtn}} {{page>:bottom_add&nofooter&noeditbtn}}

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