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Omnidex Environments

Maintaining Environments

Omnidex Environments to not require much in the way of maintenance. Environments must be updated when the underlying metadata changes, such as database changes or indexing changes. Environments may need to be regenerated when Omnidex is upgraded to a new version. Normally, however, environments to not require regular maintenance.

The following events necessitate changes to the Omnidex Environment:

Changes to the Relational Database

Omnidex Environments report a table and column layout that governs what can be accessed from an Omnidex application. If the underlying database changes, the Omnidex Administrator must first decide whether those changes need to be reflected in the Omnidex Environment. With relational databases, tables and columns can be selectively included in the Omnidex Environment. For example, tables that reside in the relational database can be omitted from the Omnidex Environment if they are not required by the Omnidex application. Similarly, columns within a table that reside in the relational database can be omitted from the Omnidex Environment if they are not needed. This can reduce the scope of maintenance required for an Omnidex Environment. The environment only needs to be update to reflect those changes in the relational database that must be visible to the Omnidex application.

Changes to the environment are either made using the Omnidex Administrator or using the same Omnidex SQL statements used to create the environment. The Omnidex Environment File is regenerated and all of the indexes are re-updated.

Changes to the Raw Data Files or Delimited Files

Omnidex Environments for raw data files or delimited files must always reflect the exact layout of the underlying file. If the layout of the file changes, the Omnidex Environment must be changed and the indexes must be re-updated.

Changes to the Omnidex Indexing

The evolving needs of an Omnidex application may require changes to the Omnidex Indexing. These changes are simply made using the same approaches to create the environment, and then the environment is regenerated. The Omnidex indexes must then be re-updated. If the indexing is changed on one table and not another table, it is only necessary to update the indexes on the changed table.

Changes to an Omnidex Grid

An Omnidex Grid contains information about the location of nodes and the criteria used to partition the data. When this information changes, the Omnidex Environment must also be changed. The indexes on the affected grid nodes must also be updated.

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