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Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, from new features to increased performance. Here are the primary features and enhancements in the major releases of Omnidex:

Omnidex version: 5.3.09 | 5.3.08 | 5.3.07 | 5.3.05 | 5.3.04 | 5.3.03 | 5.3.02 | 5.3.01

Omnidex 5.3 Release History

Version 5.3.09D (June 2015)

  • Fix odbcsql and jdbcsql to work without default port and with special characters.

Version 5.3.09C (June 2015)

  • Addition of JdbcSQL and OdbcSQL utilities
  • Improve ODBC and JDBC performance
  • Support for EXTRACT QUERIES command
  • Fix issues with using Omnidex with client application connection pools
  • Fix issue with logging statements on Grid Controller
  • Fix issues with TOP, SKIP and EVERY with Omnidex Grids
  • Fix issue with count distinct optimization in Star Schema optimization
  • Fix issue in synonym lookups with apostrophes
  • Fix memory leak with expression based columns using CASE function and IN or BETWEEN operators
  • Support for Java 7
  • Support for DBCP 1.3
  • Support for Tomcat

Version 5.3.08G (March 2015)

  • Support for optimization of descending sorts
  • Improvements to explain plan for Omnidex Grids
  • Support for VXRT 8.5.4
  • Support for new PREFETCH option for ODBC/JDBC driver
  • Fix issue in Client JDBC Driver dealing with multithreaded processing of Java strings
  • Fix issue with multiple count distincts in a star schema query
  • Fix issue with signal handling when libraries are unloaded
  • Fix memory leak in JDBC driver with especially large buffers
  • Fix issue introduced in 5.3.08E with proximity queries

Version 5.3.08F (January 2015)

  • Improvements to Omnidex Network Services
  • Improvements to license validation process
  • Support for logging of licensing activity
  • Improved output for 'omnidex -admin'
  • Improvements to ODBC driver to support compatability with Alpha Five software

Version 5.3.08E (November 2014)

  • Improvements to Omnidex Network Services
  • Improvements to Omnidex Grid Pooling
  • Improvements to query timeouts.
  • Support for use of 'yum' on Linux software installations.
  • Fix issue with access permissions in the config directory.
  • Fix issue with Multi-Index Aggregations

Version 5.3.08D (October 2014)

  • Support for system logicals with VX/RMS
  • Support for declaring QUALIFY_MODE in the Omnidex environment file
  • Resolve issue with ODBC when using Oracle BI or Business Objects
  • Improve optimization of QUALIFY statements that have not A and not B …' syntax.

Version 5.3.08C (September 2014)

  • Support for Oracle 12c
  • Support for SINGLE_OFX option to produce one OFX for multi-file delimited files.
  • Improve handling of error conditions from Windows WMI interface so that licensing is not disabled.
  • Improve how statements are logged to the Omnidex logs to handled escaped characters, quotes, and statement options.
  • Improve error handling of file permissions on index directories and files.
  • Improve handling of VMS-style filenames and directory names for VX/RMS files.
  • Improve error message for memory allocation failures to include source location.
  • Fix issue in UPDATE INDEXES command due to reading index tree in boundary condition.
  • Fix issue with Idle Timeout and hanging of threads, appearing then as orphan processes.
  • Fix issue with indexing of especially long string fields
  • Fix issue with qualifications on composite indexes with especially wide columns
  • Fix issue with table PHYSICAL clauses containing multiple wildcard sets, some of which are empty.
  • Fix parsing of date fields with negative time zones, found with Omnidex log files
  • Fix issue with qualifications on bitmap indexes where values become localized at beginning of bitmap
  • Fix issue with ODBC/JDBC clients receiving a connection error indicating no driver was available.

Version 5.3.08B (March 2014)

  • Production release of support for VX/RMS files
  • Install service files for Omnidex on Linux installations

Version 5.3.08A (February 2014)

  • Add beta support for VX/RMS files
  • Add support for multiplexing one socket connection rather than using dual sockets
  • Resolve an issue with locking OFX files, seen in high concurrency situations
  • Resolve an issue with aggregations on bitmap indexes returning an error if the partition qualifiers exceed the highest value in the bitmap index
  • Remove Omnidex Administrator from Start menu until development completes
  • Change the default translation table to not alter the upper 128 characters.

Version 5.3.07K (December 2013)

  • Improve handling of file permissions on Linux
  • Resolve an issue with the idleTimeout setting in Omnidex network services configuration
  • Resolve an issue with double-nested query in the FROM clause

Version 5.3.07J (November 2013)

  • Add support for the POWERSEARCH option on criteria using LIKE contruct
  • Resolve an issue with nested subqueries in the FROM clause that use DISTINCT operations
  • Resolve an issue with aliases for nested subqueries in the FROM clause
  • Resolve an issue with HAVING clauses that contain invalid partition qualifiers
  • Resolve an issue with NOT (a and b) with POWERSEARCH
  • Resolve an issue with exit handlers on non-pooled network processes, calling fork/exec instead of just fork.

Version 5.3.07H (October 2013)

  • Disallow CASE_INSENSITIVE option on OMNIDEX indexes; require CUSTOM index instead
  • Improve connection/disconnection performance
  • Resolve an issue with comparing index segment creation timestamps against index timestamps
  • Add support for POWERSEARCH option in the CREATE ENVIRONMENT statement
  • Enhance optimizer to prefer QUICKTEXT indexes over OMNIDEX indexes in criteria unless criteria is double-quoted
  • Enhance UPDATE INDEXES command to automatically generate log files
  • Enhance delimited files to not require OFX due to the HEADER_ROW option
  • Improve error handling of ODXSQL connecting using the -odbc or -jdbc option
  • Prohibit connection options in the ODXSQL command line
  • Add support for $SAMPLE function in Omnidex Grid environments
  • Add support for unlimited SQL statement lengths
  • Avoid using PRIKEY optimization when using the $SAMPLE function
  • Avoid using index partition qualifiers when criteria contains wildcards
  • Enhance delimited files so that an OFX is created for each delimited file within a table PHYSICAL clause, allowing delimited files to be shared
  • Resolve an issue with DETACH of an OST with the DELETE option
  • Resolve an issue with error occurring on LEFT OUTER JOIN's to a nested subquery

Version 5.3.07G (August 2013)

  • Further improvements to InstallShield, including issues with 32-bit Microsoft Windows installations
  • Resolve an issue with references to numeric literals in Omnidex Grid processing
  • Resolve an issue with with cached sysinfo writing incorrect machine information

Version 5.3.07F (July 2013)

  • Resolve an issue with the NOAUTORESET option in QUALIFY statement using ODBC
  • Expand InstallShield's ability to remove older versions of Omnidex

Version 5.3.07E (July 2013)

  • Enhance InstallShield to clean up the registry from earlier versions of Omnidex.
  • Resolve issues in InstallShield with starting Omnidex as a Windows Service

Version 5.3.07D (July 2013)

  • Add support for the SET QUALIFY_COUNTS PREINTERSECT statement
  • Improve the query plans for QUALIFY statements
  • Resolve an issue with samelist qualifications followed by empty criteria

Version 5.3.07C (June 2013)

  • Resolve minor issue with the licensing server

Version 5.3.07B (June 2013)

  • Resolve minor issue with the licensing server

Version 5.3.07A (June 2013)

  • Use Omnidex Network Services by default, rather than OdxNet Network Services
  • Add support for POWERSEARCH option in QUALIFY statements

Version 5.3.05A Beta (April 2013)

  • Add support for MAX_THREADS option on SELECT statements
  • Add support for summing double datatypes with more than 256 distinct values with MIA
  • Add support for unlimited SQL statement lengths
  • Improve the stability of Multi-Index Aggregations dealing with sums, and count(distinct) mixed with other aggregations
  • Add support for licensing through proxy servers

Version 5.3.04A Beta (March 2013)

  • Improve the stability of $segment functions
  • Add support for AUTOCOMPLETE option in SELECT
  • Enhance Omnidex Grids to avoid duplicate loading of OFX's on non-partitioned tables
  • Improve stability of TOP/SKIP paging
  • Improve stability of SELECT statements with multiple COUNT (DISTINCT …) clauses
  • Add support for multiple databases in Omnidex Grids

Version 5.3.03C Beta (February 2013)

  • Resolve an issue with aggregations that have partition qualifiers containing repeating control breaks
  • Resolve issues with DROP SEGMENT for Omnidex Grids
  • Resolve an issue with HAVING clause processins for Omnidex Grids
  • Enhance Omnidex Grid processing to continue processing nodes on error conditions
  • Add support for $uniquekey in $segment()
  • Add support for applying Omnidex criteria before building HDC tables

Version 5.3.03B Beta (January 2013)

  • Improve the stability of Multi-Index Aggregations dealing with composite keys, SAMPLE functions, and parsed indexes
  • Resolve an issue with COUNT(column) constructs with Union Views

Version 5.3.03A Beta (January 2013)

  • Support the REGISTER ODBC command
  • Rename the 'versions' program to 'odxversions'
  • Improvement Omnidex running as a Windows Service and a Linux daemon
  • Resolve an issue with HAVING clauses involving COUNT (DISTINCT …) with Omnidex Grids
  • Improve the stability of Multi-Index Aggregations

Version 5.3.02A Beta (October 2012)

  • Add support for real-time connection and query monitoring
  • Improve the InstallShield release process
  • Restore support for the DISC Licensing server
  • Expand the methods available in the OmniSearch Java and .NET classes
  • Improve the multi-process and multi-thread communication approaches provided using the Boost libraries
  • Improve multi-user access on Microsoft Windows

Version 5.3.01A Beta (September 2012)

  • Initial release

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