Software Installation: Release Notes

Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, including new features, increased performance, and bug fixes. Here are the main features and enhancements in this release of Omnidex:

Omnidex version: 5.3.09 | 5.3.08 | 5.3.07 | 5.3.05 | 5.3.04 | 5.3.03 | 5.3.02 | 5.3.01

Omnidex 5.3.02 (October 2012)

Real Time Connection and Query Monitoring

Omnidex now automatically logs all connections and queries, including performance information such as the elapsed time for each query. These logs are accessible as a database and can be queried using a standard ODBC or JDBC connection.

Improve the InstallShield Installation Process

Many improvements were made to the Microsoft Windows installation process using InstallShield, including installing the Omnidex Network Service and automatically requesting licenses.

A more detailed release history of these versions is also available, showing the individual patches and release dates.

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