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Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, including new features, increased performance, and bug fixes. Here are the main features and enhancements in this release of Omnidex:

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Omnidex 5.3.08 (February 2014 - March 2015)

Optimization of Descending Sorts

Omnidex now optimizes ORDER BY clauses containing descending sorts using available Omnidex indexes. Previously, only ascending sorts were optimized.

Multi-threading and Concurrency Improvements

Many optimizations and improvements were made throughout the Omnidex SQL Engine and the Omnidex Network Services dealing with multi-threading, heavy concurrency and Omnidex Grid connection pooling.

Omnidex License Validation Improvements

Many improvements were made to the license installation and validation process, especially dealing with situations where a server could not access the Omnidex Licensing Server due to network issues. All local licensing activities are now logged as well.

Improvements for Load Balancers

Omnidex now restricts itself to a single socket connection so that load balancers can distribute the socket connections to multiple servers. Previously, Omnidex took advantage of multiple, concurrent socket connections for performance. The services are now multiplexed on a single socket connection.

Omnidex Network Services Administration

Omnidex Network Services now allows an administrative report to be produced showing active connections and their characteristics. This report is accessible using the command 'omnidex -admin -port=n'.

Improved Statement Logs

Omnidex now has improved support for statement logging where statements contain special options or special characters, such as embedded apostrophes and unprintable characters.

Improved Installation Process on Linux

Omnidex can now be installed using 'yum' on Linux platforms. Omnidex also automatically creates service files on Linux that can be use to start and top the Omnidex Network Service.

Expanded Platforms

Omnidex is now compatible with Alpha Five development software.

Omnidex now supports Oracle 12c.

Omnidex now supports VX/RMS, which is a VMS RMS emulation on Linux platforms.

A more detailed release history of these versions is also available, showing the individual patches and release dates.

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