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Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, including new features, increased performance, and bug fixes. Here are the main features and enhancements in this release of Omnidex:

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Omnidex 5.3.09 (June 2015)

New JdbcSQL and OdbcSQL Utilities

Omnidex now provides two new utilities - JdbcSQL and OdbcSQL. JdbcSQL is written entirely in Java, and can be used as a client testing tool for JDBC. OdbcSQL is written entirely in C# calling .NET, and can be used as a client testing tool for ODBC. Both utilities also provide the ability for multi-threaded load and scalability testing, allowing suites of tests to be run concurrently. Both utilities also allow testing of client or application connection pools, such as DBCP, Tomcat or ODBC connection pooling.


Omnidex now supports an EXTRACT QUERIES command that generates SQL test files extracted from the Omnidex statement logs. These test files can be created in a variety of configurations and are useful for testing with the new JdbcSQL and OdbcSQL utilities.

Improved ODBC and JDBC Performance

Many performance improvements were made to the ODBC and JDBC client interfaces to reduce overhead in query performance.

Expansion of Statement Logging

Omnidex automatically logs all connections and statements, and now Omnidex also logs all statements processed by the Omnidex Grid Controller in Omnidex Grids. Previously, only statements from the Omnidex Grid Nodes were logged.

Expanded Platforms

Omnidex now supports Java 7.

Omnidex now supports DBCP 1.3 and Tomcat connection pooling.

A more detailed release history of these versions is also available, showing the individual patches and release dates.

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