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Each new version of Omnidex brings a collection of improvements, from new features to increased performance. Here are the primary features and enhancements in the major releases of Omnidex:

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Omnidex 4.4 (June 2007)

Omnidex 4.4 introduces new development methodologies for web applications through the introduction of ActiveCounts and PowerSearch. These development methodologies are highly optimized and provide a greatly improved user experience.


ActiveCounts is an optimized development methodology that allows users to see counts through each part of a multi-step query. Counts inform us. As we search a database, we make better choices if we know the count as we go, or even before we choose. With ActiveCounts, a user sees their criteria choices along with real-time counts for each choice. Through each stage of the search, the available choices and counts are always updated in real-time to reflect the previous criteria. In this way, a user visually understands how many rows they have chosen and how their criteria affect their results.


PowerSearch is an optimized development approach that allows users to add tremendous flexibility to their queries. Most users don't know the specifics of data in the database and present the criteria in terms that make sense to them. This is similar to our experience with Internet Search Engines. We enter our criteria and hope that the search engine can find everything similar, or suggest an alternate search. In database applications, a user may search for “Bill Smith” who lives at “123 South Tamarak Drive”, even though the database has a record for “William Smythe” who lives at “132 S Tamarac Dr”. With PowerSearch, flexibility is added to each column based on the context of the column. A custom synonym list for given names locates William when the criterion is Bill. A phonetic search locates Smythe when the criterion is Smith. A combination of transposition searches, misspelling searches and a custom synonym list of postal abbreviations locate the proper address. PowerSearch takes the rigidity out of database searches and lets users find the data they are looking for.

UnixODBC Support on Linux

Omnidex has long supported ODBC on Microsoft Windows platforms; however, Omnidex 4.4 introduces ODBC support on Linux as well using UnixODBC, an open-source ODBC Manager.

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